Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Molds


No LSR mold maker in North America has the depth or breadth experience that we have at Kipe Molds. In fact, our major competitors came to us to learn the art. Kipe Molds is recognized around the globe for exceptionally well designed silicone molds. Medical device silicone molds need to be flash free and robust in performance. But, our philosophy goes beyond this basic requirement. We design our liquid silicone molds with consideration for wide variety of factors such as downstream cost management, ease of maintenance, longevity and ergonomics. If you are looking for a first rate mold with a high level of communication and support, Kipe Molds is your supplier of choice for Liquid Silicone Molds.




Automatic Liquid Silicone Rubber Molds


Choosing the best method to automate silicone molds depends on many factors. Kipe Molds believes that the correct choice often involves close interaction with our customers. Factors such as downstream processes, capital cost, maintenance cost, inspection criteria and part cleanliness must be considered in choosing the best solution to automate a given molding process. Our customers rely on the experience of Kipe Molds to choose an automation solution that optimizes profitability.



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