Kipe Molds Inc., established in 1970 by George Kipe, has always been on the forefront of silicone rubber molding technology. Throughout the history of the company, George has been intimately involved with material suppliers and machine manufactures to help shape the industry into what it is today. During the '70s, high consistency rubber was the most common material in use, but liquid silicone was developing and gaining acceptance. Kipe Molds was building injection molds for liquid silicone and converting plastic presses for use in processing liquid silicone.


     The decade of the '80s saw a vast improvement in the material quality and liquid silicone molding technology was in a stage of development. Kipe Molds was called upon by material suppliers, molders and machine manufacturers to assist in research and development projects. During the same period, a large medical device manufacture enlisted Kipe Molds to develop cold runner technology. The success of the original design led to more cold runner projects.


      During the '90s Kipe Molds built upon it's foundation of technical expertise. Technically difficult molds were routinely built. At this point George has been a speaker at the annual University of Wisconsin Silicone Technology Seminar. As more exotic and expensive thermosets have developed, the use of cold runner systems has increased and the cold runner nozzle has been improved to handle high pressure injection and abrasive applications.


     Moving into the new century, Kipe Molds has continued to stay on the leading edge on the silicone molding technology. In the early 2000's Kipe Molds introduced the first valve gate controller technology for cold runner systems, improving balance and reducing flash. More recently, Kipe Molds has developed a patent protected micro injection unit in response to the demands for flash less automatic micro molding of silicone parts. With a newer version of the valve gate controller on the horizon, Kipe Molds continue to positively impact technology in the silicone injection molding industry.


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